RNLC Blood Bank


Gorakhpur, UP, INDIA


Shubham Rai




Medical facility

This project Blood bank was executed for an existing chain of blood bank in the city. This was visualised to be a place where one could experience positivity and calmness as soon as one enters into the vicinity of the space.

The colours chosen were white and a lighter shade of wood. This brought warmth and a natural connect to one in the space, where as the white reflected purity and supported the modernist interiors. The combination of material, colour and texture doesn’t make one feel suppressed here, instead it makes one easily adaptive to the space and feel comfortable. This was a small step to transform such an important and responsible space to one where the donor or the patients attendant or the working staff, feel positive and do the good. This was also a part of our social responsibility.
Thanks to the architects co-lab team.